How to Put Together a Fishing Trip For a Group of Friends

If you want to put together the perfect vacation for you and your friends then why not turn your love for fishing into a reason for you all to get away. A couple of years ago I did this for the first time, I regularly fish with a small group of buddies and I thought what better way for us to all spend our vacations than to head off with our gear and fish somewhere new whilst having a great time?

Over the years we have had some incredible vacations, we hit the Great Barrier Reef for a great week of game fishing, last year we went to Russia for salmon fishing and this year we’ve gone upscale and decided to do some luxury fishing in Miami. If you want to put together a fishing trip for you and your pals then here are a few things that I’ve learnt since I started organizing them.

 Get Your Numbers in Early

When it comes to how many people are going to be on your trip it will be best that you get concrete numbers in as early as possible. When you are looking at making group bookings in hotels or on fishing tours, you will often be given a discount based on numbers and it will be best that you know exactly how many people are going before making enquiries.

 Get The Money First

When it comes to people paying their money for the trip it is important that you get this from them before shelling out any money on deposits or other expenses. The problem is that very often people will say that they have every intention in the world of going on the trip but when the time comes to pay up, they will go missing. I ended up losing quite a bit of money from our Australia trip a few years ago because I put the trip on my credit card and then two people didn’t come, I managed to fill one space but couldn’t fill both. Since that year I learnt to get the money from my friends before booking anything.

 Call Ahead for Gear Hire

If you are organizing your own fishing tour and will require rental of rods and equipment then you should absolutely call ahead of time and let them know what you are going to need. The last thing that you want is to turn up for your fishing vacation and find that the equipment which you are after isn’t available. Naturally you will be going fishing in peak season, much like many other people who have exactly the same idea as you and who will no doubt be wanting to rent some equipment. A couple of years ago we had to make some emergency arrangements during our vacation to ensure that everyone had enough equipment for the vacation, we end up losing a day trying to make these arrangements, all because we had not called ahead to reserve what we needed, don’t make the same mistake.

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